About us

We aim to turn video connections into human interactions by
connecting all the existing apps, platforms, and devices with
each other. Baasi is your go-to platform for seamless video
conferencing and collaboration. Our solution is designed to
provide an immersive, high-quality video conferencing
experience while being reliable and secure.

Baasi Was Born To Help You Keep in Touch!

Baasi is the bridge between modern and traditional technologies. A video
conferencing solution that engages both, the baby boomers and the alpha
generations. Our goal is to bring people closer together, no matter where
they are in the world.

Making an Impact

At Baasi, we are passionate about making an impact in
the world by enabling people to communicate more
effectively and efficiently. Let's transform together the
way we communicate and collaborate.


Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much. Meet the
passionate and innovative team behind Baasi. With a wide range of skills
and expertise, our team works together to develop Baasi, a cutting-edge
solution that addresses a real-world problem.


Zurab TutberidzeCEO & Founder


Gvantsa KhunashviliCOO & Founder


Tornike KutchukhidzeCPO & Founder

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