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Essential features

Experience a comprehensive online video conferencing platform that offers a wide
range of features to make virtual meetings and collaborations
seamless and efficient.


Transform your online meetings to be more scalable,
customizable, and engaging With features such as:

Meeting Room Management

Manage your virtual meetings effectively providing
opportunities such as creating and scheduling
meetings, as well as sending invitations to participants
to join.

Calendar And Email

Easily keep track of all the meeting invitations
in one place by integrating Baasi with your
calendar and email.

Contacts Management

Manage and organize your contacts, making it easy to
connect with others. Whether you need to add a new
contact or update an existing one, Baasi provides the
tools to do it swiftly and easily.

Virtual Backgrounds

Add a virtual background to your video calls, use the
opportunity to personalize your meeting space, or
use company-wide backgrounds, giving the
meetings a professional touch.

Breakout Rooms

For more effective collaboration and increased productivity in
group meetings, divide large meeting participants into smaller
rooms, where each room can have its own discussion or task.

You can also split your calls into smaller, isolated sessions and
have one-on-one conversations with each of your participants.
Whether you're hosting a small meeting or a large-scale
conference, the breakout rooms feature offers the ultimate
flexibility to tailor your call to your needs.

Participant Control And Roles

Individuals have the option to choose between the host and
guest roles, whereas Baasi for Business offers a wider array of
roles, including Administrator, Supervisor, Operator, and
Guest, catering specifically to organizational needs.

Within Baasi for Business you can also closely monitor your
employees during online meetings and ensure that they
follow company policies and guidelines during work hours.

Screen Sharing

A simple way to share information and content
with others for more enhanced presentations,
demonstrations, or collaborations.

Whiteboard Sharing

For a more interactive and engaging experience,
use whiteboard sharing, which makes it easy to
collaborate on ideas and projects in real-time.

Advanced Screen Sharing

Highlight important information and add annotations in
real-time by drawing on the screen during the sharing

You can also hide notifications on the screen while
sharing to ensure that sensitive information is not
disclosed and distractions for participants during the call
are minimized.

Individual Invitations

Maintain the privacy and security of your calls and
ensure that only authorized participants are able to
join by generating a unique invitation link for every
invited participant.


Experience easy sign-in and sign-up using email,
and social networks such as Google, Facebook, and
LinkedIn (SSO). To ensure that your account is
protected from unauthorized access, Baasi has
added an extra layer of security through a multi-
factor authentication (MFA) feature.

Advanced Waiting Room

Get even more control over the flow of the meeting. As a host you
are able to hold individual participants in a waiting room before
they enter the actual call, allowing you to identify the participant
and make sure they are the right fit for the meeting before they
are allowed in.
With advanced IVR functionality, your guests can navigate through
queues and receive real-time updates on their wait time. Our
waiting room feature also empowers hosts to seamlessly manage
their call traffic, allowing them to place participants in the waiting
room during active calls, and monitor their progress with ease.

Call Transfer

Experience flexible options for managing inbound and
outbound calls in a call center setting and seamlessly
transfer calls to other agents or departments within the
Our platform offers both blind and attended call transfer
options to ensure your customers are seamlessly
connected with the right agent or department.


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