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Baasi revolutionizes video conferencing by offering a unique custom UI injection
feature that empowers businesses to tailor their video calls to their exact needs.
You can now customize your Baasi experience without the need for complex
coding. No more frustration of navigating complicated APIs as we give you
freedom of creating a UI that truly reflects your unique vision.

featureCustom UI injection

Experience UI injection feature for your end-user
application, making it perfect for industries
seeking to provide their clients with an easy-to-use
interface. With Baasi, you have complete
control over the look and feel of your video
conferencing platform, without sacrificing ease of

featureCustom branding

Get a more personalized experience and create a
cohesive and professional image for your video
conferencing solution with custom branding - add
your logo and colors and create a unique
experience for your call participants.

featureAdjustable for variety of industries

Businesses operating in a variety of industries will
find the Baasi custom UI injection feature
particularly useful. Hospitals can utilize Baasi's
end-user application for patients, whereas schools
and universities can benefit from it for online
education purposes. With custom UI injection you
can add additional functionality to the end-user
application, such as collecting patient information
and evaluating the quality of the visit, or creating
questionnaires for students.

featureSimplified data collection

With a simple management account you can
create pre-or post-call forms for data collection or
other purposes, as well as during the call
modifications such as adding and removing
certain buttons or creating a payment window for
on-demand services. Baasi ensures end-to-end
encrypted data exchange for utmost privacy and

Customization is coming soon...

Unlock a world of customization possibilities with our upcoming feature, Customization.
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