Transform your corporate calls with Whispering - the innovative feature that makes larger-scale
meetings more effortless and stress-free.

Making virtual
collaboration seamless
and productive

Designed for teams and smaller departments within the
company, allowing certain call participants to
communicate with each other without disrupting the flow
of the meeting.

Make comments or support
your team members

You can communicate with a call participant separately,
making comments or assessments about the presenter
and overall meeting experience.

Or, when a presenter needs help with a question outside of
their expertise, you can “whisper” the answer in their
ear, helping to complete the presentation without

Connect and speak
privately during the online

Send the whisper request to another participant and have
a side conversation during the call without other
participants hearing it. Or decline it so that the connection
won’t be established.

Seamless switch between private
and group conversations

Whether you need to discuss sensitive information or simply have a
quick chat with a colleague without interrupting the larger group,
the whispering feature provides an effortless solution.

Click on the whisper window to engage in private conversation and
switch between private and group discussions with ease and

The whisper window is designed to provide you with the utmost
privacy and security while seamlessly integrating with the rest of
your video call. 

You won't miss a single word, even while using the whisper
window. Whispering members can still hear the meeting room
participants, ensuring that you're always up to speed and in the

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