Smart Recording

The ultimate solution for businesses and professionals who need to capture every detail of their
virtual meetings and presentations with the ability to navigate through the recordings to find
and jump on the specific moments easily. You can now have a comprehensive record of your
discussions, including all the important details and interactions.

Seperate Layout Recording
For More flexibility

Now you can record your virtual meetings with different
layouts, allowing more customization for the final product. The
feature allows you to host virtual meetings with your preferred
layout and record the meeting with a different one.

You can share your screen or whiteboard and also see the
other participants on your screen so you won’t miss their
reactions, set the layout on active speaker mode or choose the
mix of some speakers and experience the flexibility of
recording your meeting with a different layout than the one
you initially had set up.

Separate participant

You can also record meeting participants separately,
allowing you to download the recording that features all
video and audio tracks of participants and edit it in your
favorite video editing tool, or you just edit the recording in
Baasi’s VideoTheka and choose your desired stream. With
Baasi, you've got everything you need to create professional
recordings right at your fingertips.

Save active speaker

By saving active speaker information in the form of
chapters, now it's a breeze to navigate through your
recordings and jump on a specific moment of a person
speaking and get the information you need quickly and

Capture the best reactions
to your virtual meetings

Capture and record all the comments and reactions
during your virtual meetings. Now, you'll have a
complete record of how your participants reacted to
different topics and discussions, making it easier than
ever to analyze and understand your meeting
outcomes. Comments and reactions will be visible in
video chapters, so you’ll be able to jump to the
specific moment as well.

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