Baasi gateways

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Connect to third-party platforms through Baasi
Gateways and make use of the full suite of
advanced video communication features.

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Baasi Powerful Gateways

Baasi Gateways ensure secure and efficient integrations,
allowing you to enhance your workflows and unlock the true
potential of video communication.

in progress

All-in-One meeting Gateway

Baasi's All-in-one meeting Gateway provides seamless
integration with UCaaS (Unified Communications as a
Service) platforms, allowing users to join video
conferences hosted on other platforms with the same
quality of video and audio capabilities. This integration
eliminates the need for multiple accounts and software
installations, simplifying the communication experience
for users.

Google Meet

Join Google Meet calls from
Baasi platform with Google
meet gateway

Zoom One

Join Zoom calls from Baasi
platform with Zoom

Microsoft Teams

Join Microsoft Teams calls from
Baasi platform with Microsoft
Teams gateway


Join BlueJeans calls from
Baasi platform with BlueJeans

SIP & H.323 Gateways

The gateways that enable you to integrate your legacy
communication systems with Baasi’s WebRTC-based platform. 

Maximize the quality of your video experience and use the unique
opportunity for bridge-to-bridge communication systems,
connecting a specific bridge to Baasi's SFU media server and
enabling MCU to SFU connection together with upscaled
and improved video quality.

With SIP/H.323 Gateways now you can also establish multiple
outbound SIP connections to foreign systems, delivering each
participant's video as a separate stream for maximum flexibility.

PBX GatewayConnect any PBX to BaasiReceive incoming calls in Baasi with PSTNPerform outgoing calls from Baasi with PSTNJoin the meeting from your VoIP or PSTN
Conference Room Gateway

Connect your favorite/existing
SIP/H.323-based conference
room kits to Baasi.

in progress

All-in-One API Gateway

A package of various API gateways to solve the issue of
connecting to a foreign CPaaS. This includes connecting
features such as high-quality video and audio,
screen sharing, chat and collaboration tools. (with some
limitations related to the 3rd party CPaaS functionality)

Twilio gatewayVidyo gatewayVonage gatewayTemasys gatewayTelnyx gateways
Twilio Gateway

Connect to the third-party platforms built on Twilio API

Vidyo Gateway

Connect to the third-party platforms built on Vidyo API

Vonage Gateway

Connect to the third-party platforms built on Vonage API

Temasys Gateway

Connect to the third-party platforms built on Temasys API

Telnyx Gateway

Connect to the third-party platforms built on Telnyx API

Custom gateway

OpenRTC for Custom Systems is a powerful tool that allows
you to integrate your own custom video meeting
applications with Baasi or build a CPaaS (Communications
Platform as a Service) gateway that is not natively
supported by our system. With OpenRTC, you can start
making high-quality video calls with ease, regardless of the
type of system you're working with.

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Use Baasi API together with Baasi end-user
application as a complete solution for
telemedicine companies by providing a
scalable and flexible infrastructure.