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Live Streaming

Easily broadcast your calls to millions of viewers on top platforms like YouTube,
Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok with Baasi’s Live Streaming feature,
reaching audiences worldwide and sharing your message like never before.

Ideal for businesses and
individuals looking to expand
their reach

This cutting-edge technology makes it easier than ever
to connect with your audience and build your brand.

Whether you're hosting a conference, presenting
important information, or sharing an event, our live
streaming feature lets you connect with your audience
in real time, creating a dynamic, engaging experience
that will leave a lasting impression.

Customize your
broadcasting experience

Tailor your broadcast to suit your needs and make a lasting
impression on your viewers.

With a range of customization options, including multiple
camera angles and overlays or adding branding elements,
you can make your live stream truly unique and
unforgettable. You can even choose the layout you want
your stream to be broadcasted - whether it’s an active
speaker you want to be displayed, or a tiled layout
featuring other meeting participants as well.

And with high-quality video and audio capabilities, you can
be sure your stream will be flawless and uninterrupted,
making it the perfect choice for large-scale events and

Easy connect to the social
media channels

Baasi provides an option for you to connect Baasi platform
to your favorite social media platforms within a few clicks.
So now you can stream your online meeting to your
favorite platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram,
and TikTok.

You can even choose the option for comments and
reactions during the online meeting on Baasi’s platform to
be reflected on the linked social media platforms.

Similar to Smart Recorder, active speaker information will
be provided as chapters in live streams.


Live streaming is coming soon...

Engage with your viewers, deliver dynamic presentations, and create interactive sessions
that leave a lasting impact. With seamless integration and robust features, our Live
Streaming solution ensures that your message reaches a wider audience with maximum
engagement. Sign up now to explore the possibilities of Live Streaming and unlock a new
level of interaction and collaboration.

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