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Multi-Meeting Room

Experience streamlined communication and get more done in less time - whether you're a
freelancer or part of an organization. Upgrade your meetings today and experience the benefits
of Multi-Meeting Rooms!

Essential tool for businesses,
organizations, freelancers, and
individuals who need to host or
attend multiple meetings at once

Seamlessly switch between your meetings by clicking on the
respective meeting room you want to participate in. You can
be active in one or more calls, and inactive in others,
meaning your camera and microphone will be deactivated.

Automatic camera and
microphone activation for
smoother transitions

The feature automatically activates your camera and
microphone in the selected meeting, making it simple to
jump between meetings without any technical difficulties.

You can click on multiple meetings together, so your
camera and microphone will be activated on the selected

Manage your video and
audio experience

No matter which meeting rooms you activate, you're in
control. Select the speaker you want to see on your screen
and hear, or view and hear everyone attending by simply
clicking on the respective meeting room.


Multi-meeting room is coming soon...

You can elevate your meetings to the next level with our Multi-Meeting Rooms feature!
Eliminate the stress of managing multiple meetings and streamline your communication
for maximum efficiency. Sign up now to be the first to experience this game-changing
feature when it becomes available. Don't miss out on the future of efficient and
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